The accurate, fast and patient-friendly way to screen people at risk for osteoporosis or fractures

Any Trained Operator Can Perform This Test Anywhere

Patients can be screened in any setting and at any point of care: your own clinic or office, at pharmacies, mobile screening clinics, check-up centers, community health events, etc.

Highly Affordable System Delivers Rapid ROI

Start with a low upfront cost and continue with zero cost of operation. There is no need for ongoing maintenance, disposables, or calibration.


Product Description

Osteoporosis Screening Using Ultrasound

Small-format handheld device

At approximately the size and weight of a hardcover book, SonoBone requires only minimal space and is easy to carry. The plug & play USB connection means you can use any PC/laptop.

Choice of multiple skeletal measurement sites

SonoBone is unique in enabling testing at multiple sites, each proven to be correlated with osteoporosis. Examiners can test comfortably, without needing to bend over. Patients can keep their shoes on. The choice of sites is ideal for immobile patients.

Get results quickly

Boot-up takes no time; and each patient can be screened in just a few minutes. The system returns immediate audio confirmation of correct measurement. Learning to use SonoBone is fast and easy with the built-in training module.

A4-format reports are easy to interpret

Multiple ethnic reference databases (Caucasian, Asian, Chinese, North American, Latin American) ensure accurate results for each patient, taking into account gender and age. WHO-compiant T-scores and Z-scores are provided. The color-coded reports are easy to read.

Perfect solution for pediatric bone screening

With a unique pediatric database, SonoBone is ideal for child-friendly bone strength assessment. Children’s potential to reach peak bone strength can be monitored safely and easily.