The Professional Series

Model GCS 100 bioconversion unit

Engineered to tackle the heaviest levels of bioburden. The GCS 100 employs five square meters of catalytic surface and 40 254-nanometer bulbs for maximum molecular conversion power.

Model GCS 50 bioconversion unit

The industry standard for protection in settings with conventional levels of bioburden. The GCS 50 presents 2.5 meters of catalytic surface and 20 254-nanometer high K-factor lamps to produce air cleansed to a 99.99% level every minute.

Model GCS 25 bioconversion unit

Developed to manage smaller volume conditions, the 25 displays 1.25 meters of catalytic surface to 10 high intensity 254-nanometer lamps, ensuring particulate elimination a 99.99% level.


Product Description

Produce Protection

Here’s How Airocide® Increases Profits.

Airocide is a food preservation technology so powerful that it eradicates virtually all the ethylene gasses that spoil inventory as well as mold and bacteria. Making food safer and making it stay fresh longer. And more inventory equals more sales opportunities and profits—no matter which role of the farm to fork process you are.



Cross Contamination Problem Solved
Airocide eliminates microbial material too small for even a Hospital Grade HEPA filter to stop. 99.9999% of all airborne organic matter on the first pass. And because it is a catalytic process, no filters are needed. Moreover, because this technology employs surface-bound OH- radicals to deconstruct microbial materials, no harmful byproducts such as Ozone are reintroduced into the plant atmosphere. So your workforce stays healthy, and your production yield stays where you want it to.



Florists Report Doubling The Shelf Life Of Cut Flowers

Grey Mold affects almost every type or variety of floral crop grown. Airocide® bioconversion systems eliminate botrytis grey mold spores in the air AND the ethylene gas that reduces product life. And costs you money.Our systems have been deployed by leading floral companies like Esmeralda Farms to protect their assets. Airocide positively impacts their farm and nursery operations including their transportation and delivery systems.