Aroma Streamer 1500

The AromaStreamer® 1500 was created using the most modern technology and fulfills the highest standards of professional aroma marketing. This device was developed for point of sale areas, booths at trade shows and for scenting larger rooms and areas.

The most interesting field of application is the visual and olfactory advertising – active product advertising with the most compatible scent. A typical example would be scenting the entrance area of a supermarket by using an appetizing picture of strawberries and a delicious strawberry scent to open the strawberry season.

The AromaStreamer 1500 works with the principle of warm evaporation (electronically controlled). Fragrances are exactly dosed on a vaporize-shell. A fully adjustable fan diffuses the aroma in the room and the integrated time switch clock allows running the device to run on demand. A Quick-Lock-System allows the scent change within seconds.


Product Description

AromaStreamer® 1500:

  • electronic control
  • digital display and time switch clock
  • easy adjustment of the fragrance intensity
  • adjustable fan
  • quick and easy scent change
  • interior lightning included
  • content of scent: 1000 ml

Design: Aluminum


  • Steel plate
  • Display made of aluminum

Room-size: ca. 200-250 m² or 600 m³

Technical data: prim. 230 V, sec 24 V, 30 W


  • height 1800 mm,
  • width: 660 mm,
  • depth: 260 mm
  • weight: ca. 42,00 kg